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About me

Olympus Alpine Guiding, is my personal web site. It is a link between me and you, who aim in beautiful mountain treks and hikes, rock climbs, ski tours or mountaineering moments…
Before I meet you at the foot of the mountain, I have to tell you that every time I am thinking about the past, I always remember myself as a kid of the mountains.
Now, I am a Certified Mountain Guide HMGA, member of the Hellenic Mountain Guides Association (License number A.N 867/37, Nr 19 FEK (A)621-999/28-11-07) also a Mountaineering – Ski Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor, member of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing (H.F.M.C).

I have been born in Katerini - a small town at the foot of Mt. Olympus/Greece - in 1975 and made my ‘first steps’ in the world of mountaineering and climbing at the age of 15. As a mountaineer and climber, I carry thousands of vertical meters in my back pack, in the fields of rock and ice in Greece and abroad. Hundreds of hikes and beautiful treks are in my list all over the European mountains, and many new routes, both on rock and ice, have my signature.
My trips all over the Europe and especially in the Alps, gave me the opportunity of climbing a multitude of classical and outstanding ice/snow and rock routes, in the areas of Mont Blanc, Dolomites, Grand Paradiso, Pirin & Rila mountains, Monte Rosa, and the list goes on…
As a ski mountaineer i count numerous ski tours and ski mountaineering high level ascents and descents, wherever the mountains the snow sticks.

I teach mountaineering, rock climbing and ski mountaineering in various Climbing & Mountaineering Associations in my country, and i spend a lot of winter time as a ski instructor at the local ski academy of my region. My passion is to guide hikers, mountaineers, climbers and ski tourers all over the Greece and aboard, both in summer and winter time.

I am married to Marisa and we have a daughter and two sons together.
I speak Greek, English and French.


To my guests

My aim as a Mountain Guide, is to share experiences with my guests… to guide you in a safe way, and let you enjoy hiking, mountaineering, climbing or skiing, with freedom of mind.
The secret for this freedom is “safety”, both for the individual and group too. It is the most essential part in every mountain excursion and the cornerstone in all courses i run. 

The values of mountaineering and technical abilities I have been taught since childhood, and still practice as a Professional Mountain Guide, are in absolute harmony with the following words:

Freedom, Responsibility, Passion, Commitment, Human Relations, Consistency and Professionalism.

And don’t forget … No matter the level of your training or endurance, nothing is like the experience you will live up on the mountain, under the guidance of a Mountain Guide.

Akis Parousis
Certified Mountain Guide HMGA 



Phone: +30 6976 695869