Hiking - Trekking - Mountaineering

Depending your needs, your time, and abilities, the Mountain Guide will advise for the ideal hike or trek. Up on the mountains, deep in the forest, or sea side, let yourself immerse in the silence of the nature, surprise an animal, wondering a path, swim in a lake under a waterfall or access a high summit.

With family or friends, this is an incredible way to experience the mountain.
Safety equipment provided when necessary
Level: All levels
Duration: From half day, to 1- 2 full days or more

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Rock Climbing & Alpine Rock Climbing

In spring, summer, or autumn, rock climbing attracts more and more people.
From the fantastic rock formations in Meteora region, between heaven and earth, to the sea side cliffs of Kalymnos and Santorini islands, or even the Granite towers of Rila Mountains in Bulgaria, always there is a rock for you to climb on…

Guided by the experience and the knowledge a Mountain Guide provides, you will enjoy unforgettable climbing moments, through classic alpine rock routes up on sharp ridge, on a steep wall, or sport climbing courses.

Safety equipment provided
Level : All levels
Duration : Half a day to 1 or more days
Persons : 1 to 5 people, depending the course  



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